What is Life Coaching?

Everyone meets obstacles in life. Life Coaching is an effective way to overcome them. Plus, as a Life Coach I not only support you in solving problems, but also in realizing your full potential. So that you may not only attain the best version of your self, but also deep joy and fulfilment. Life Coaching is not psychotherapy. It is intended for actually quite healthy people, who are in the midst of major challenges or even crises – and want to overcome them with psychological support. Life Coaching with me as your coach takes place per phone or Skype or in person at my coaching room at 45 Central St in the City of London.


Possible Topics in Life Coaching

This list gives you an idea of what Life Coaching can do for you. Good to know: Coaching is an approach that can be applied to all kinds of topics. So you can also bring your own, very individual coaching topic into the coaching!

  • Have financial and career success

  • Make the right decisions and know exactly what I want

  • Be confident in all life situations

  • Overcome uncertainties and doubt

There for you as coach:

Timm Christophel

  • Self-employed as a business and life coach since 2006.
  • More than 1,600 hours of professional training in various coaching methods.

“Everyone has the potential to become the most authentic, joyful and loving version of himself.”
– Timm Christophel



Timm Christophel has a phenomenal sense for the sore spot – and approaches it as respectfully as purposefully. With a few sentences he has led me to rethink an aspect of my life and to create more happiness in it. Not many of those that call themselves Life Coach can do this. Timm can.

A. Jaeger

Overall I experienced the coaching by Timm as very pleasant. I especially liked the contact at eye level. I have found Timm to be highly competent, and at the same time the relationship on the personal level was very relaxed. After the coaching I felt strengthened.

Markus Asano

Timm Christophel showed me my strengths like I was seeing them in a mirror. This gave me motivation and certainty. Whenever uncertainties and doubts arose, Mr. Christophel was a calming influence. He simply is a pleasant person, with whom I felt perfectly cared for.

Susanne Enders

I appreciate Timm’s analytical skills and his excellent complex thinking. With his intellectual empathy, he succeeded to empathize with me and at the same time to recognize my needs. A coaching with him is always surprising, and each time I had a light bulb moment. I highly regard the values that he embodies as a life coach and a human being.

Helene C. Christoph

Whenever I have doubted my plans or decisions, Timm has given me the confidence that I am doing the right thing. I think good coaching depends on being asked the right questions at the right moment – and then finding out the answers for yourself. I experienced this with Timm. Also, supposed hurdles have become much smaller. Everything was suddenly clear, easy and simple.

Ileana Soana

The workshop with Timm Christophel has brought me incredibly forward. He really helped me to be more true, to stand by me, to be brave and alive. Fantastic!

Eva J.

The workshops with Timm helped me to better perceive my boundaries and to arrive more and more at myself. The connection with my heart gave me new strength, which lead to a confidence and calmness with which I am able to cope with my everyday life challenges and working conditions. I gained the courage to create new goals for myself and feel joy again.

Sandra S.

Dear Timm, I would like to thank you. Thank you for listening, thank you for persevering and holding still, thank you for asking, thank you for helping me integrate myself. It has worked! My knot is unravelled and I suddenly feel “able to do what is to be done now”. So, Timm: relieving, motivating, reassuring – invaluable.

A Customer

Timm is very effective and sincere about his work.

Waseem Younis